Doble & Bignall Raven Puerto Cabello Venezuela 72%

Doble & Bignall Raven Puerto Cabello Venezuela 72%

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For such a fine region it is strange that I can think of only two other makers, Bonnat and Mast, that produce chocolate with this fantastic, predominantly Criollo, usually fruity bean from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. But the new kids on the bean to bar block, Simon and Margie at Doble and Bignall have created something altogether unique with it.

The aroma is incredibly rich, vibrant and intoxicating. It's bordering on 'alcoholic'. If I said that the flavour of the chocolate was very much of grilled pork chop don't let that put you off. It's the salinity that just makes this one heck of a special chocolate. It then relaxes into hazelnut and a fruity profile that evades accurate description - (cheating and looking at the tasting notes, it most definitely is raisin). I simply cannot get enough of this chocolate! 

Additional Information

Maker Doble & Bignall
Weight 80g
Cocoa 72%
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & cocoa butter
Origin Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Trinitario
Best Before 01/10/2016 - batch 147
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Citrus, raisin and flowery notes with a lingering fruitiness.