Doble & Bignall Venezuela 85% Dark Chocolate

Doble & Bignall Venezuela 85% Dark Chocolate

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Up until now Doble has produced three lovely Puerto Cabello bars. The totally creamy 50%, the refined 72% and the brutish 100%, so its great to see them come out with a chocolate that continues to span the wide range of intensities and flavours people typically expect from a bar by introducing this 85%.

Although its a relatively 'green' chocolate in that there are more natural flavours coming through than heavily conched chocolate, it still is a very pleasant, interesting bar. I gave some early thoughts on it while the guys at Doble & Bignall were testing manufacturing profiles and I think it's even better now that it was in what I thought would be the final versions. Now there's much more of a cross-over of Bakewell Tart and Banoffee pie about it. The first bite may be a bit left-field for some, but the second and subsequent bites should offer a much different experience.

Additional Information

Maker Doble & Bignall
Weight 30g
Cocoa 85%
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & cocoa butter
Origin Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Trinitario
Best Before 29/03/2017 Batch 192
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Creamy & Silky, Delicate flavours of orange & Banana with floral and villa notes