Dolceria Bonajuto 100%

Dolceria Bonajuto 100%

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The aroma and the flavour should be perfect for 100% chocolate lovers. It's intense, jam-packed and full of flavour but with a sublime texture - far removed from the lower cocoa chocolate they produce. There is a striking quality that holds true here - along with a slight hazelnut edge but a lack of the harsh acidity that so many makers seem to produce with their 100% varieties. 

The chocolate has a perfect visual appearance, save a few flecks of chocolate coming off the edges, but these you can dab up with your fingers. The melt is as lengthy as you would expect from an under-processed chocolate. We just absolutely love this one.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Ingredients Pure cocoa mass. 
Produced in Modica, Scicily 
Best Before 31/05/2015

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