Dolceria Bonajuto 80%

Dolceria Bonajuto 80%

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There is a noticeable pick-up in the sugar notes moving from the 90% version of this chocolate to 80%. Just as with that chocolate, this also doesn't have an overly intense character - despite none of Dolceria Bonajuto's chocolate being conched which would normally lower the acidity level. Strangely the team in Modica use processes similar to the ancient Azetcs to create a delightful experience. At this level, however, you will notice the sugar crystals give the chocolate a markedly crunchier mouth-feel. To you should start to see a less polished physical experience. It is important to note that this chocolate is rustic in nature, it doesn't use the processes that take out the 'lumps and bumps' it’s possibly the closest you will get to 'real' handmade chocolate in the world.

NB the best before date!

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Ingredients Pure cocoa mass, sugar.
Produced in Modica, Scicily 
Best Before 31/05/2015
Cocoa Solids 80%