Dolceria Bonajuto 90%

Dolceria Bonajuto 90%

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As we start to move down the cocoa levels from the 100% to this, the 90% we're able to see the impact having minimal processing has on the finished product. Because the chocolate is prepared in a low-temperature fashion the sugar crystals are largely left intact. This means you should witness a crunchier texture and more of sugar-crystal sound in your had as you bite down. This is all combined with a very creamy mouthfeel and a soft-acidic flavour. This is far less harsh than most other 90% chocolate and offers an incredibly enjoyable experience. 

Each small bite offers such an abundant experience, 50g should last you a very long time. It may not have the rolling notes of other makers, but it offers a very clear, purposeful flavour. 

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Ingredients Pure cocoa mass, sugar.
Produced in Modica, Scicily 
Best Before 31/03/2014