Domori 100% Arriba in Polvere

Domori 100% Arriba in Polvere

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This chocolate powder from Domori is a perfect example of how anything made with 100% cocoa powder can be remarkably different as here we have a gorgeous, light chocolate mix that contains between 22% and 24% cocoa butter. The true cocoa flavour certainly does come through and offers a luscious array of notes including citrus, banana and hazelnut. 

The question, however, is what do you do with it? Domori themselves suggest using it in top-quality confectionery or cocktails. We can't disagree with either. If you do use it to make chocolates with, we suggest you use it to dust your finest creations that you want to impress people with. And when it comes to cocktails you could use it with an egg yolk, Maraschino and Yellow chartreuse or you could make a Choco-nut Martini cocktail with blue vodka, Frangelico, creame de cacao, Baileys and the cocoa powder.

Additional Information

Weight 150g
Cocoa Arriba Nacional
Ingredients Cocoa powder (22%-24% cocoa butter)
Origin Ecuador
Manufacturer's Notes Cacao Nacional Arriba: powdered pleasure to be savoured down to the last tiny grain. Light in colour, just as it comes from the finest cocoa beans, because it has not been treated with potassium carbonate. Thanks to its "noble" origins, it has a pleasant aroma that needs no flavour correction from dutching, the process used to darken lower-grade cocoa.
Lot Number LN3.002
Best Before 30/04/2016 

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