Domori 100% Dark Chocolate Bar

Domori 100% Dark Chocolate Bar

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Domori are another of Europe's finest luxury chocolate makers, and although they're more well-known for their Chuao and Apurimac bars, one shouldn't ignore the sublime intensity of this bar. 

The chocolate itself is a blend of cocoas that exhibit a deep red colour aren't tarnished by either sugar, soya lecithin or any other additives, instead you'll find a purely natural 100% chocolate bar that often is placed at the pinnacle of the 100% bars.

What is amazing about this Domori creation is that although there are no additional ingredients to bring the intensity down a touch, just the mastery of the maker and the conch time, this bar is nowhere as intense as the 99% bar from Michel Cluizel, instead there are some fantastically earthy notes allied with some fruity characteristics. Others may also pick out some nutty flavours as the very long-lasting melt dissipates. This Il 100% should be tried just to witness the magical kaleidoscope of flavours that never ceases to amaze.  

Additional Information

Weight 25g
Ingredients Cocoa mass
Cocoa 100% cocoa mass
Produced In Italy

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