Domori Apurimac 100% 200g Couverture

Domori Apurimac 100% 200g Couverture

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This 100% has a great deal more intensity and 'greeness' than its Ecuadorian cousin. It certainly packs a punch at the outset and then gently fades away into almost conventional chocolate-like notes of under-ripe banana, olives and even has a nutty characteristic lurking at the back too. Minutes after the melt has finished the Apurimac gives of slight 'real ale' notes, a touch yeasty, but certainly not in a tainted way, this is a superbly crafted 100%.

In comparison with the popular Menakao 100% this chocolate is less intense, less 'in your face' and a touch more sophisticated.

The 70% is a lovely chocolate with a strong floral note and long, luscious sweetness. So if you did want to make truffles with this couverture then you can expect something special. If you're making hot chocolate then it may be a more luxurious version of the conventional options, but if you're just munching away at them at appreciate no-added sugar chocolate then this is a great way to experience a much finer 100% than is often available.

NB: this is a premium chocolate and the equivalent bar form would cost £21.20.

We now offer discounted multiple buys which, if ordered, will be aggregated into the one bag rather than separate bags.

Additional Information

Batch Number L4191
Cocoa Mass 100%
Added Sugar 0g
Form Small Pastilles (buttons)
Weight 200g
Best Before 31/01/2017
C Spot Rating 8.89/10

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