Domori Arriba 70%

Domori Arriba 70%

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Ecuador generally doesn't always stand out as an origin. It doesn't get as much attention as its near neighbour Venezuela - and that's a great shame. The Domori Arriba (Nacional) is a 70% chocolate that packs a punch - it certainly offers a nasal experience much darker than the 70% moniker suggests. In terms of flavour it offers tones and notes more reminiscent of Venezuela, and potentially even Criollo given the creamy edge. You should also get some blackcurrant acidity and hazelnuts on the edge.

The problem for Arriba is that some may stereotype and see that all chocolate produced from Nacional to be less interesting than the classic fine beans produced by the coastal edges of Venezuela, but those that are prejudiced will miss an absolutely fantastic chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 25g
Cocoa Solids 70%
Origin Columbia
Varietal Columbia Nacional
Produced in Italy
Maker's Tasting Notes Features cashew and honey notes and a sweet, long-lasting flavour.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar and cane sugar.

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