Domori Black Truffles

Domori Black Truffles

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I'm finding it difficult to describe how these 'Black' truffles feel in the mouth. It's like that journey home from work and all you can think about is sitting down with some chocolate and the weight of the day lifting from your shoulders. For me, at least, these hazelnut truffles made predominantly from velvety 62% chocolate and a 36% milk chocolate provide just that sensation. They're rich, creamy, decadent and just plain gorgeous.

Often with treats such as these they're contained within the one box and the jostle with each other with the coating becoming tarnished and you just aimlessly gorge yourself on them. But Domori have been very clever. Each sizeable truffle is contained within its own wrapper so every truffle becomes an event in itself. For enjoying chocolate just isn't the bit after you put it in your mouth, but also the moments of anticipation before. These truffles both tease and then deliver.

There are ten in a box, I've got nine left. You can leave me alone now.

Additional Information

Weight 84g
Best Before 30/09/2015
Batch L4283
Cocoa Solids 70%
Origin Venezuela
Produced in Italy
Maker's Tasting Notes A gorgeous masterpiece of Piedmont redesigned by Domori using fine cacao.