Domori Chuao 70%

Domori Chuao 70%

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Let's start at how others have described this fine chocolate. C-spot calls the Domori Chuao's melt as an 'oral sex bomb - the hot 'n' sultry foreplay' and from our perspective it’s hard to disagree. But taking a step back, the new form of packaging has taken leaps forward. It's more artistic and in-keeping with the artistry contained within. When you open up the square packaging and the inner wrapper you will be met with a 25g bar in four squares - each with a perfect finish and with one of the finest flavours you will ever witness.

You'll get soft, almost milk chocolate-like, notes which will bounce straight into soft fruits such as papaya and then into expensive jam. This, in turn, will start to produce just hints of the sandalwood expected at the back of Criollo but more as a bit part player accompanying the more obvious fruit and nuttiness.

Some may have issues in calling this chocolate a 'Chuao' but although the cacao trees are actually grown at the Hacienda San Jose plantation rather than the village of Chuao itself, the beans that cacao trees have been cultivated from, however, were originally from Chuao - hence I feel a degree of artistic license used here is fair.


Weight 25g
Awards Winner of the best chocolate of the year: Golden Chocolate 2010
Varietal Criollo
Ingredients Cooca mass, cane sugar
Origin Venezuela
Cocoa 70%
Best Before 30/04/2016 
Batch CL07263L3343
Maker's Tasting Notes An immediate perception of nuts, almonds above all, followed by honey, vanilla and cream: great sweetness and smoothness


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