Domori Hot Chocolate Kit

Domori Hot Chocolate Kit

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During the long cold nights of Autumn and Winter there can be no greater sensation after a hard day than sitting back to relax with a luxurious hot cup of chocolate. There are also few makes of drinking chocolate than can compare with heady scent flavours crated by Domori - the fine, Italian chocolate makers. What's more, Domori are part of the illy group of companies which are renowned for excellent coffee with their illycaffè brand as wells as fine wine through Mastrojanni.

But that aside, this 32% drinking chocolate is absolutely superb. But it's the setting we have here that only serves to heighten the experience. Along with six sachets of the drinking chocolate you will have two branded, clear glass hot chocolate cups and saucers and a wooden tray with a heart-shaped handle and is reminiscent of how drinking chocolate and coffee is served in quaint coffee shops and cafès in France and Italy.

This would make for a perfect present for a loved-one who you just love to treat with the finer things in life.


Weight 1.405kg
Varietal n/a
Ingredients Cane sugar, cocoa powder, modified starch
Origin n/a
Cocoa 32%
Best-before 30/06/2014