Domori Il 100% Criollo

Domori Il 100% Criollo

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Of course, the Criollo bean is still considered one of the finest of all general classifications of bean and without wanting to border on sycophancy we do agree it is responsible for some very fine chocolate. Although less than 0.001% of all cocoa harvested is Criollo, most of that small produce is used to create 70% chocolate that has wide appeal to chocolate aficionados  far less is use to make 100% chocolate that has typically had a very small audience. That being said, this 100% Criollo bar from Domori is absolutely superb. 
Everyone will notice different features of any given chocolate, but with 100% chocolate those characteristics are typically more pronounced. Here you should witness red berries, nuts and caramel - in abundance. 

Additional Information

Weight 25g
Best-before 28/08/2016
Cocoa 100%
Origin San Jose, Venezuela
Batch Number CL07264L3345
Maker's Tasting Notes Absolute closeness to dried fruit with low bitterness and astringency and an almost immediate balance

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