Domori Morogoro 70%
Domori Morogoro 70%
Domori Morogoro 70%
Domori Morogoro 70%

Domori Morogoro 70%

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Morogoro is the second largest cacao growing region of Tanzania and can be found 120 miles west of the capital Dar es Salaam. It also provides a rare opportunity for true chocophiles to explore this part of the African continent vicariously through chocolate. There aren't too many other makers working with Tanzanian cocoa, there are only Askinosie with their Tenende, Pralus with Tanzanie and few other including Maglio, Vosges, Lake Champlain, Castelain and Chocolove.

There are few chocolates at the 70% level that have as direct an aroma as this one. It is intensely earthy and acidic. However, the flavour is complex and rewarding. You should pick up papaya, lumi and a touch of strawberry. Of course the texture is exquisite - everything Domori make just oozes class, and that's no different here. 

As the melt finishes you should pick up some pear flavours and then into the natural cacao flavour that most of us crave. This is certainly one beautiful bar of chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 25g
Cocoa Solids 70%
Origin Tanzania - Morogoro
Varietal Blend of Trinitario
Produced in Italy
Maker's Tasting Notes In a small region of Tanzania, Domori has selected extraordinary varieties of cacao with an intense character and aromatic profile, in which what immediately stands out is a primary note of cacao.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar and cane sugar.