Domori Puertomar 75%

Domori Puertomar 75%

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The Domori Peurtomar makes use of a cocao bean related to the highly-desired Ocumare which was planted in 1998 on the equally famous Hacienda San Jose, Venezuela. Just can be seen with other chocolate made with Criollo of the origin it represents a very smooth, mild chocolate. But don't expect the mellowness to mean their is a lack of flavour, as it has a delightful offering of spices, cherries and a curious edge of pomegranate.

Additional Information

Weight 25g
Awards Winner of the best cru of 2009
Best Before 30/11/2014
Batch NDV2.A01
Cocoa-solids 75%
Weight 25g
Origin Hacienda San Jose in Venezuela
Maker's Tasting Notes Cream, spices, almonds, cherry jam.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, cane sugar.

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