Domori Sambirano 100% 200g Couverture

Domori Sambirano 100% 200g Couverture

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Traditionally lower cocoa Sambirano will offer sweet red fruit notes which, because of the distinctiveness of the origin makes it a very popular one. However, with no added sugar to bring out those flavour notes this 100% becomes a white light version of it - the flavours are so concentrated that it makes them indistinguishable. Instead this 100% tastes more of a high alcohol content red wine that may have even evaporated a touch in the mid-day sun. At the very end there are hazelnut notes and perhaps even raisin and perhaps even quinine. 

It is similar in intensity as the Apurimac but the finish veers off in a different direction.

NB: this is a premium chocolate and the equivalent bar form would cost £21.20.

We now offer discounted multiple buys which, if ordered, will be aggregated into the one bag rather than separate bags.

Additional Information

Batch Number L5012
Cocoa Mass 100%
Added Sugar 0g
Form Small Pastilles (buttons)
Weight 200g
Best Before 30/06/2017

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