Domori Sur del Lago 70%

Domori Sur del Lago 70%

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Located just to the south of the Maracaibo, Sur del Lago is the source of some very fine Trinitario cacao with a fairly decent amount of Criollo found in the mix. This chocolate keeps to the Domori style of having a perfect finish and immense smoothness but departs somewhat in that the Sur del Lago offers a very lengthy finish and a departure from the northern, coastal villages of Venezuela as they've moved into the very tip of the Andes for this cacao. What's more the flavour given here is significantly more 'dark' than usually the case. 
You should get floral mixed with tannin on the nose and charcoal, heavy-roast coffee and almonds on the palette.
If you knew exactly what Domori was about having tried their range of Criollo chocolate, you'll soon be aware of a much darker side here.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Cocoa-solids 70%
Origin Sur del Lago, Venezuela
Maker's Tasting Notes With its almond and coffee notes, Dur del Lago is extremely elegant with a round, long-lasting flavour.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, cane sugar.

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