Domori Teyuna 70%

Domori Teyuna 70%

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Teyuna is Spanish for 'lost city' and is the city of a settlement believed to have been founded in Columbia in 800AD, some six hundred years before Machu Picchu, chocolate has a length which may last as long - it goes on for ever.

Despite the distance from, and no obvious historic connections to Madagascar, the flavour profile is strikingly similar to their Sambirano 70% with its bright and fruity acidity. Also present is a delightful spiciness which adds another, curious edge. There is, as is usually the case with Domori, so much more going on. You should also get soft fruit notes along with a cute creaminess.  

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Cocoa Solids 70%
Origin Columbia
Varietal Columbia Nacional
Produced in Italy
Maker's Tasting Notes Features cashew and honey notes and a sweet, long-lasting flavour.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar and cane sugar.

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