Domori White Truffles

Domori White Truffles

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If you are, or know a white chocolate lover that would appreciate nothing more than sitting in front of the TV watching Downton Abbey with some sumptuous white truffles then look no further.

These soft white delights blend great Domori white chocolate with very finely chopped Piedmont hazelnuts into a paste that is as soft as the most artisan of pastes. There is, however, a decadent crunch that accompanies the experience that will leave you wanting more. 

Each box contains six individually wrapped truffles - which are about twice the size of regular truffles that you will find in posh London boutiques - but delivered to your door with love.

Additional Information

Maker Domori
Weight 84g
Best Before 30/09/2015
Batch L4296
Cocoa Solids 70%
Origin Venezuela
Produced in Italy
Ingredients  "Piedmont hazelnuts IGP" (min. 47%), chocolate white 14% (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder. Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin. Natural vanilla flavor), sugar (sugar, wheat starch ), invert sugar.
Allergens May contain traces of nuts
Nutritional Information Calories: 582.0 to 2418.5 Kcal / KJ fat: 42 of which saturates: 8.5, carbohydrate: 40 Sugar: 26.0 Fiber: 5 protein: 8.5, salemg / 100g: 29 , 0.