Domori Whole Roasted Cocoa Beans (100%)

Domori Whole Roasted Cocoa Beans (100%)

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These are certainly for the chocolate connoisseur in that we have the whole cocoa bean here, with no added cocoa butter, nor sugar, flavourings. What we do have are wonderfully roasted whole cocoa Trinitario cocoa beans which serve to please the chocolate purist. The flavour is intense and the texture very crunchy. 

In terms of the flavour what first comes to mind is that of unadulterated Mount Gay rum from Barbados. There is a heady, intoxicating profile which is accompanied by a delightful floral, almost perfume-like character that lingers on the tongue and becomes more intense.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Best Before 30/06/2016
Batch L3344
Origin n/a
Varietal n/a
Produced in Italy
Maker's Tasting Notes Domori's cocoa beans are the extraordinary result of a precise technique used to ferment, dry and roast the cocoa beans in order to achieve perfect organoleptic traits. (organoleptic mean that all the senses are catered for in dried food)
Ingredients 100% whole shelled and roasted cocoa beans.

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