Duffy's 100% Panama Tierra Oscura

Duffy's 100% Panama Tierra Oscura

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For those of you who have tried Duffy's chocolate in the past will remember the wonderfully light and scenic packaging he adorns his chocolate with. Here Duffy has matched the nature of this chocolate with a suitably dark and moody buffed black appearance. 

But you wouldn't expect that given the visual appearance and aroma of this chocolate. Opening it up you see a much lighter tone of brown that you may have predicted and this lightness continues on to the nose with a light citrus fruit characteristic. But it's the flavour we love. 

We know that people often choose 100% chocolate for the absence of added sugar, but sometimes don't appreciate the bitterness that usually comes with it. But this chocolate is a fair touch over the 'middle ground' of intensity - much closer to the brutishness of the Finca than the creaminess of the Chapon

With most chocolate at the lower levels of cocoa intensity you can easily detect flavour profiles, but it is often less easy at this level. The secret, here, is to take a chunk, even two, and let it slowly melt in your mouth. If you are able to resist chewing you will witness some interesting flavours. I didn't get the red fruits nor liquorice as Duffy did, but more of the hazelnut and cherry with a touch of brandy to the end. 

When it comes to the texture you just can't fault it. The melt is exceptionally lengthy - even if you succumb to chewing - you most definitely do get your money's worth!

These cocoa beans were sourced from the Bocas del Toro archipelago in Panama which are also used by Zotter. 


Cocoa 100% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Cocoa beans
Dietary "Soya Free, Gluten Free"
Awards This is a new chocolate for 2014 and hasn't been entered into any awards as of yet.
Weight 80g
Origin Panama, Tierra Oscura
Strain Hybrid
Maker's Tasting Notes Extra bitter dark chocolate with hints of liquorice & red fruit. Great for baking and cooking (ed: and eating straight-up)
Made in Cleethorpes (UK)

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