Duffy's 72% Corazon del Ecuador

Duffy's 72% Corazon del Ecuador

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The cocoa used here of the Estacion Experimental Tropical strain of the very popular Arriba Nacional bean that is synonymous with Ecuadorian chocolate. There are various different EET strains - some can be seen to be more 'fine flavour' than others. The exact bean used here isn't clear, but we do know the strain has produced some fantastic chocolate from the likes of Woodblock, Dick Taylor, Rogue, Soma and Fruition.  

On first impression you may feel that the texture of this chocolate is soft and you may be right, but this chocolate does offer the classic 'chocolaty' flavour that so many chocolate-lovers crave. It is intensely 'nutty' and has an overall profile that reminds me of uncooked biscuit mix - that addictive sweet, creamy and saline combination that makes it incredibly addictive. 

It may not have the sophistication of Indio Rojo, but it is cute in a 'satisfy my chocolate urges now' kind of way.


Cocoa 72% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Criollo cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin
Dietary "Soya Free, Gluten Free"
Weight 80g
Origin Camino Verde, Ecuador
Strain EET
Maker's Tasting Notes A floral chocolate with hints of hazelnuts, orange blossom, allspice.
Made in Cleethorpes (UK)

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