Duffy's 72% Honduras Indio Rojo

Duffy's 72% Honduras Indio Rojo

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This is such a fantastic chocolate. With much of the chocolate you might get to try you may have problems clearly defining the flavour profile. But that's certainly not the case here. There are such strong and dominant raisin notes here. But along with that lurks a toffee characteristic that brings childhood memories of rum and raisin chocolate.  

This is just a chocolate that you want to consume more and more of. It doesn't taste like a dark chocolate nor does it feel like it in the mouth - it's just so creamy. 

The visual appearance is also fairly light for the cocoa solids level, which seems to be a trait of Duffy's chocolate.

The beans are sourced from the Xoco Fine Cocoa Company which works with the finest of cocoa - including Criollo (and related strains).

We're not the only ones that think this is a stellar chocolate. C-Sport gave this a rating of 9.32/10.

This is a special and unique chocolate which really shows the wide variety of flavours that can be achieved with fine flavour cacao. 


Cocoa 72% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Criollo cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin
Dietary "Soya Free, Gluten Free"
Awards International Chocolate Awards 2014: British Gold, European Bronze, Academy of Chocolate 2011: Gold
Weight 80g
Origin Honduras, San Pedro (Indio Rojo strain)
Strain Hybrid
Maker's Tasting Notes Strong Dark Chocolate with sweet currants, tangy orange and raisin and coffee aftertaste.
Made in Cleethorpes (UK)

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