Duffy's Nicaragua Rico Rugoso 76%

Duffy's Nicaragua Rico Rugoso 76%

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This chocolate is a perfect example of how paying four to five times the 'Fairtrade price' can result in acquiring fantastic beans from unusual sources. Nicaragua wouldn't normally be the first cocoa origin that springs to mind but it is responsible for some cracking chocolate, not least from Zotter. This Rico Rugoso is the latest chocolate from Duffy featuring Nicaraguan cocoa and the end result seems to be a cross between the rum and raisin of the Honduras Indio Rojo 72% and the classic 'chocolaty' flavour profile of the 72% Corazon del Ecuador.

As you try additional squares the variety of notes becomes apparent. The apricot Duffy mentions certainly is evident, but also with occasional dashes of black pepper.

Of Duffy's recent creations this is the best of the bunch given the variety and diverse nature of the flavour profiles. I have never witnessed 'apricot' and 'pepper' together in a chocolate. This is also one of my favourites in all the chocolate we stock.



Cocoa 76% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Criollo cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin
Dietary "Soya Free, Gluten Free"
Weight 80g
Origin Nicaragua 
Strain Amelonado hybrid
Maker's Tasting Notes A rich mix of apricots and Brazil nuts with a hint of olives in the aftertaste
Made in Cleethorpes (UK)

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