Easter Fire

Easter Fire

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Certainly not one for children this one as it contains organic Advocaat, apple brandy and a 'tinge' of chilli - all contained within a sensational 40% milk chocolate shell. 

Of course this is an odd mix of flavours, but life is for living but only once so why not test yourself and see if its something that you will bring a look of shock to the faces of your friends. 

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Fairtrade-content 65%
Ingredients Cane sugar * °, cocoa butter * °, full cream milk powder °, milk °, fructose-glucose syrup °, cocoa mass * °, whole cane sugar * °, almonds °, apple brandy °, sweet why powder °, egg yolk (1.7%)°, Bird's Eye Chili ° (0.1%), salt, vanilla, soya lecithin.
Origin Austria
Cocoa 40 % minimum in the chocolate coating
Best-before 30/06/2013