Easter Sheep - Mitzi Blue

Easter Sheep - Mitzi Blue

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For those of you who love sheep's milk chocolate then we have a special Easter treat for you. Josef Zotter has taken their very fine 55% cocoa content sheep's milk and used it with the fantastic Mitzi Blue form. But to give that interesting chocolate taste a twist he's added a terrific hit of strawberry chocolate in the centre of the disc. 

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Fairtrade-content 87%
Ingredients Raw cane sugar*°, cocoa butter*°, cocoa mass*°, sheep milk powder°, dried strawberries°(2%), skimmed milk powder°, whole cane sugar*°, vanilla°, salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, lemon powder°.

*FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation
Origin Austria
Cocoa Butter 50% minimum (across the whole chocolate 'bar')
Best-before 12/02/2014