Erotic Strawberry Chocolate "Medication" In A Syringe

Erotic Strawberry Chocolate "Medication" In A Syringe

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If the whisky chocolate shot in a syringe wasn't right for you how about this "erotic" strawberry version? It contains 55% natural strawberry pulp and cocoa butter. How you enjoy the chocolate treat with your loved-one is entirely up to you! But we can think of a few interesting ways. 

As the chocoshot uses fresh, natural ingredients it has a short shelf-life. We also don't know how the ingredients react to rubber.

Additional Information

Volume 12ml
Ingredients Strawberry pulp°(55%), raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, dried strawberries°(4%), lemon concentrate°, skimmed milk powder°, whole cane sugar emulsifier: soy lecithin°, lemon powder°, vanilla°, salt

Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards: raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, whole cane sugar°
- Total: 33%
Origin Austria
Cocoa Butter Unknown
Best-before 17/04/13