Favarger Milk Mocha Chocolate Bar 100g

Favarger 36% Milk Chocolate Mocha

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This bar is as soft a milk chocolate as I've ever witness. It is playable and its is that high level of cocoa butter that just coats the inside of  your mouth with velvety lusciousness and makes you craving more for that sensation alone. There's also a very noticeable hit of coffee that peeks and then subsides to a soft flicker. As with many of the Favarger premium range this is a hint of almond and vanilla. For many milk chocolate fans this will be a welcome feature.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Style Swiss
Approach Without lecithin or non-natural additives
Ingredients Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, hazelnuts, cocoa mass, almonds, coffee (3.2%). May contain traces of walnuts, pistachios and soya.
Origin Blend
Cocoa 36% minimum.
Best Before 22/11/2014