Favarger Milk Chocolate with Almonds

Favarger 39% Milk Chocolate with Almonds #351

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This chocolate has to be Favarger's most addictive. The milk chocolate is bean-to-bar and made in their own factory in Geneva and has the air of quality you would expect from correctly made milk chocolate, but with a touch of salinity that makes it incredibly moreish. 

About twenty per cent of this bar is made up of hazelnut 'splinters' and you fill find them occupying every conceivable part of your mouth even after all the chocolate has melted. But it is that balance of the rich milk chocolate made from fine cocoas (we're not given the exact details) and the Piedmont hazelnuts that make this such an incredibly addictive bar of chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Style Swiss
Approach Without lecithin or non-natural additives
Ingredients Sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnut splinters (20%), whole milk powder, cocoa mass, dried malt extract, natural vanilla extract. May contain traces of almonds and soya. Cocoa solids: 
Origin Blend
Cocoa 39% minimum. Milk solid: 21% minimum
Best Before 04/02/2015