Favarger Boîte Métal of Nougalines

Favarger Boîte Métal of Nougalines

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There is just no way to describe these little treasures - but I will try. In the centre  you will find praline milk chocolate gianduja made with walnuts which is encased in a nougatine shell and then coated with a layer of extra fine milk chocolate - don't they just sound heavenly? 

Not only do you get a sweet, rich and indulgent flavour but a texture which juxtaposes the smoothness of the outside, the creamy centre and the dash of crunch from the walnuts.

Simply divine. 

Additional Information

Maker Favarger
Weight 180g
Style Swiss
Approach Without lecithin or non-natural additives
Cocoa Solids n/a
Milk Solids n/a
Ingredients Sugar, walnuts (11%), whole milk powder, cocoa butter, hazelnuts, cocoa, glucose syrup, walnut oil, almonds, natural flavor, vanilla. May contain traces of soy, and may contain traces of other types of nuts.
Best Before 10/07/2015
Ethics Fair Trade and UTZ certified