Favarger Fondue Set with Dark Chocolate

Favarger Fondue Set with Dark Chocolate

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Picture the scene: you're sat around the the dining table on Christmas evening watching some blockbuster or other on the TV and dipping marshmallows (or strawberries if you're trying to be good) into the sweet dark chocolate fondue. You've got a napkin that follows under each morsel that makes its way to you. Part-way through the film you realise that there's just one more go left and you hope that nobody else notices. You distract them with another mince pie and you lap up the last of this delicious, hot Swiss chocolate.

Or you could just give this as a Christmas present to a distant relative and just wait for the phone call of extreme gratitude and get yourself one and enjoy it on a cozy, post-Christmas intimate evening with your loved one (nb: the fondue will be too hot to consume in any other way than is conventionally accepted and prescribed on the site of the box. We expect the NHS will be quite busy during this time of year so do enjoy responsibly! We cannot be held responsible if you take the 'intimate' nature of this product to extremes!)

Additional Information

Maker Favarger
Includes One tea light, four fondue spoons, ceramic heating stand, ceramic fondue dish and 300g of the chocolate fondue to be heated.
Not included Fruits, marshmallows, baby sitter for the kids, soft lights, romantic music, dirty mind.
Weight 300g net weight
Style Swiss
Cocoa Solids 52% Minimum in the cocoa part.
Ingredients Sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla extract,. 
Best Before 03/01/2016
Ethics Fair Trade and UTZ certified