Favarger Heritage Sao Tome 66% Dark Chocolate

Favarger Heritage Sao Tome 66% Dark Chocolate

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Favarger steps away from the African mainland blends and steps into Claudio Corallo territory with this 66% chocolate made from cocoas from the island of São Tomé which is located some 100 miles or so from the coast of Gabon. The approach is completely different here, and as you would expect from Swiss chocolate, this is a rich and creamy chocolate with a greater emphasis on the sensuous mouth-feel.

The acidity from the bean is kept in check a great deal and allows the chocolate to offer a much more softer experience than even what you may expect from a relatively low dark chocolate. If you were just trying out dark chocolate then this would be a great place to start.

Additional Information

Maker Favarger
Weight 100g
Style Swiss
Approach Without lecithin or non-natural additives
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, raw can sugar, cocoa butter, whole cane sugar
Origin Sao Tome
Cocoa 66% minimum.
Best Before 23/03/2016
Ethics Fair Trade and UTZ certified

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