Finca Chocolate 100% Bulk Bar (Couverture)

Finca Chocolate 100% Bulk Bar (Couverture)

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The small 42g version of this chocolate has proven incredibly popular since we introduced it in the summer of 2014. So much so that we decided we should put the American and British courier services to the test and import a few kilos of Dan's 1lb 'bulk bars' and let the fans of this wickedly powerful 100% enjoy it in a more cost-effective and rustic fashion.

Essentially this chocolate is more than 10 1/2 bars which would cost about £52 in individual form but if you're willing to forgo the neat wrapping and have it in this 'bagged slab' form then you can save more than 50%.

This chocolate certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. It's very powerful, nutty and intoxicating and a far cry from the milk 100%'s from the likes of AMMA or Robert. In fact, I would suggest this 1lb (at least 440g to be safe) 'bar' of chocolate last weeks, if not months, rather than days or minutes. That is, of course, if you consume it in the conventional manner as it is also great to break up into pieces and make a bitter hot chocolate out of.

But if you do try it unadulterated then the flavour you get from the smallest bite is just utterly fantastic - it keeps providing flavour for a very long time after it has melted.

Please note, and we must reiterate this - the chocolate is sold in very rustic packaging as it is created with the intent that chocolatiers will use it to produce other chocolates, not sold as an item in itself.

NB: the last few of this are in fairly small pieces and we have reduced the chocolate as a result.


Best Before 30/06/2015
Ingredients Cocoa, cocoa butter
Cocoa 100% minimum
Produced In USA
Weight 440g minimum
Batch Number n.a.
Dietary Organic
Gluten free, may contain traces of soya. There are no guarantees as this product is home produced.

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