Finca Chocolate 80% Dominican Republic

Finca Chocolate 80% Dominican Republic

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For a relatively unknown chocolate maker, this 80% is utterly wonderful and reminiscent of a Pralus given by the higher roast flavours which typify that famous French maker's chocolate. Whether the roast is longer and deeper here is another thing, however, the dominant flavour profile is certainly as if the roasting was heavier. If these nutty flavours were the only ones present then it could be portrayed as 'one dimensional', however, there are other interesting tones including red wine, almonds, apple.

This truly is a fantastic chocolate.


Best Before 30/07/2016
Ingredients Organic Dominican Cacao, evaporated cane juice, organic cocoa butter.
Cocoa 85% minimum
Produced In USA
Weight 42g
Batch Number n.a.
Dietary Organic
Gluten free, may contain traces of soya. There are no guarantees as this product is home produced.