Finca Chocolate Blended Roasted & Raw 85%

Finca Chocolate Blended Roasted & Raw 85%

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This is a lovely 85% chocolate that offers heaps of tobacco notes and slightly green bananas. But there is lurking a creaminess which surprises at this cocoa level. It actually does remind me of the award winning Madre Triple Cacao as it offers interest and intrigue at so many different levels. 

Interestingly this is a blend of both roasted and unroasted cocoa beans and offers none of the heavy magnesium and other metallic flavours  you often find with unroasted cocoa. We do particularly like this one.


Best Before 30/07/2016
Ingredients Roasted & Raw organic Dominican Cacao, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cocoa butter.
Cocoa 85% minimum
Produced In USA
Weight 40g
Batch Number n.a.
Dietary Organic
Gluten free, may contain traces of soya. There are no guarantees as this product is home produced.