Finca Chocolate Goat's Milk 5 Bar Pack

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Surprisingly, there is more tartness to this 75% Dominican Republic than the 80% version, however, this has a more floral profile which is almost like a PEZ sweet. There is still a nutty characteristic which seems to come less from the roasting profile, but more from another feature of the manufacturing process. The fruity, fragrant profile plays in two areas of your mouth at the same time. Initially it the sweetness will hit the tip of your tongue and then the floral hits your taste buds. It is this flavour that lasts the longest and his the most rewarding.

This is a very nice chocolate indeed!


Best Before 30/04/2016
Ingredients Organic Dominican Cacao, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cocoa butter.
Cocoa 70% minimum
Produced In USA
Weight 42g
Batch Number n.a.
Dietary Organic
Gluten free, may contain traces of soya. There are no guarantees as this product is home produced.