Finca Organic 50% American Milk Chocolate

Finca Organic 50% American Milk Chocolate

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Over the past year there have been a number of new dark milk's coming out, not least by British chocolate makers, most are, however, overtly commercial and not as interesting as they could be. Thankfully Finca has produced a fine dark milk chocolate in an American style out of their very small and rudimentary set-up in Ohio, USA. This chocolate certainly has some rough edges, but it is absolutely the better for it. We only have a very small number of these special chocolates so be quick.

It looks like we had a miss-communication with Dan at Finca and we have these chocolates in five mini-bar form. So each is a group of five 24g bars with the one outer wrapper - it just means they last longer and you get more for your money.


Best Before 30/04/2015
Ingredients Organic Dominican Republic Cacao, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cocoa butter, organic nonfat milk powder, organic vanilla. 
Cocoa 100% minimum
Produced In USA
Weight 440g minimum
Batch Number n.a.
Dietary Organic
Gluten free, may contain traces of soya. There are no guarantees as this product is home produced.

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