Fine 80%'s Chocolate Selection Box

Fine 80%'s Chocolate Selection Box

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The 80% level is often one that people find themselves exploring and loving. Chocolate at this cocoa level can be varied and there is no two better chocolate bars in the 80% region than the very rich and creamy AMMA and the more rustic and retro Dolceria Bonajuto. Both chocolates will shatter people's illusions of 80% chocolate and give them a great incite as to what is possible.

We have also chosen the Belize Toledo from Zotter as a wonderful, mild and slightly sweet chocolate and contrasted it with the Slitti 82% as it's more of a brutish affair. And to finish we have the utterly superb, and a personal favourite, in the form of the Chocolate Tree 80% made with superior cacao from Venezuela - this chocolate has to be tried to be believed. 

Individually this chocolate would retail for £23.55 plus £2 for the gift box, but for a limited time we have them available as a special buy for just £19.95 - whilst stocks last.

NB: if we are out of stock with a bar we will replace it with a suitable, gorgeous replacement.