Forever Cacao 100%

Forever Cacao 100%

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Crafted using Peruvian cacao in the heart of Wales, this 100% bar is small in size but big on flavour.
Forever Cacao’s simple, understated packaging hides a punchy bar that reveals the full force of the Peruvian cacao beans.
The bar has an intense, earthy aroma. Take a bite and hints of fresh soil mix with green notes. As melts, the bar develops sharp fruit. The long finish lingers on the tongue, revealing a complex astringency.
This bar is certainly one for those who like and are used to the intensity of 100% chocolate. But while it is a powerful bar (even described as ‘rocket fuel’ by some), there is no bitterness. Pablo Spaull has managed to craft a bar that brings out the best of his Peruvian beans without needing any sugar.
Like all of Forever Cacao bars, this is an unroasted bar (i.e., the beans are never roasted or heated above 42 degrees) and has typical green notes. Less typically, this bar has punchy fruit flavours that burst through.
Some could say Pablo Spaull fell into the chocolate industry by accident after an illustrious (and ongoing) career as a DJ. After trying a bar of unroasted chocolate at a friend’s birthday party, he discovered a passion for artisan chocolate which lead him on a journey to founding his own chocolate company company in 2011.

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