Forever Cacao Organic 72%

Forever Cacao Organic 72%

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Having tried various different types of chocolate made with unroasted cocoa beans I always taste a new variety with the expectation to get a heavy and persistent dose of metallic flavours, but thankfully that is very much lacking in this bar. It may not actually be as creamy as the 80% version, but this 72% option delivers a dose of piquancy at the end of the melt that should last on the tip of  your tongue. It would appear that these flavours are produced by the natural acids which one would expect are more prevalent in chocolate  made from unroasted beans than those that are. 

The 80% offers more of a powerful soft fruit flavour, whilst this one has more of a coconut edge offered by the greater volume of coconut sugar.

Pablo certainly does make the best 'raw' chocolate that we've tried.

Additional Information

Weight 40g
Cocoa Solids 72% Minimum
Beans Criollo
Origin Peru
Dietary Free from Dairy, Gluten, Palm oil and soya.

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