Forever Cacao Organic 80%

Forever Cacao Organic 80%

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Much of the 'raw', or more accurately, 'unroasted' chocolate we have tried tastes unsophisticated and incredibly metallic. The process of roasting, which may be as high as 145 °c (source: pdf) does greatly affect the flavour of chocolate and despite never reaching 42c in the grinding process, this chocolate manages to match 'traditional' like none-other I've tried. 

Often you will see claims about the enhanced health benefits of raw or unroasted chocolate based on the greater amount of antioxidants present in this form of chocolate and it can be certainly seen by this study that this assertion is true. What is often missed out is that fact that Pablo doesn't use the Dutching process (to extract cocoa butter) from his beans which would also reduce the levels of these antioxidants.  

This chocolate offers a great deal of soft fruit and floral notes that are so often associated with Peruvian cacao. But here, Pablo gives it very creamy base that can be missing from many 80% chocolate bars - thankfully, if you were either new to chocolate at this cocoa level, or 'raw' chocolate then there could be no better place to start than is bar. 

Additional Information

Weight 40g
Cocoa Solids 80% Minimum
Beans Criollo
Origin Peru
Ingredients Organic raw cacao liquor, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter
Dietary Free from Dairy, Gluten, Palm oil and soya.

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