Forever Cacao Organic Ashaninka Coffee 80%

Forever Cacao Organic Ashaninka Coffee 80%

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We honestly didn't think that Pablo's 80% could be improved upon, but the addition of roasted Ashaninka coffee beans adds a fantastic level of extra intrigue, both in terms of the flavour profile and balance but with a very decent caffeine hit which would make it a great 'pick me up' to keep by your desk whilst you work. 

This is a personal favourite bar from the mercurial Wales-based chocolate maker.

Additional Information

Weight 40g
Best Before 23rd July 2015
Cocoa Solids 80
Beans Criollo
Origin Peru
Batch 201
Ingredients Orgnaic raw cacao liquor, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, Ashaninka Coffee.
Dietary Free from Dairy, Gluten, Palm oil and soya.

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