Fruition 100% Dark Chocolate

Fruition 100% Dark Chocolate

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This 100% bar from Fruition Chocolate appears to be a world exclusive as it currently cannot be purchased elsewhere on the planet, certainly not in Europe at least. Its not even available on the maker’s own website!

Very bitter chocolate doesn't seem to have much of a place in the minds of American chocolate-lovers, however, in Europe we have a growing number of people who appreciate the wonderful flavours and textures that this sort of chocolate can offer. At first, however, it’s the aroma that is most striking. It has a great sense of being made from Madagascan cacao as it has a deep, rich fruity nose which compliments a stark visual appearance. 

The snap is supreme: very crisp, audible and reveals very tightly packed and even particles which is a sign of superb craftsmanship. 

100% chocolate aficionados know how to enjoy chocolate of this type: very small pieces left to melt on the tongue. But here you'll need even less as it’s just packed full of very sharp bitterness and a variety of other flavours including pepper, lemon and an under-current of salinity. 

It's far less creamy than a Pralus, and much more direct. 

Additional Information

Weight 60g
Ingredients Cocoa Beans
Origin San Martin Cooperative, Peru
Cocoa 100% minimum
Bean Hyrbid
Dietary & Allergy May contain traces of nuts and dairy.
Batch 3

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