Fruition 70% Dark Chocolate

Fruition 70% Dark Chocolate

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This 70% is a slightly darker version of Graham's 66% signature chocolate. It offers a very mild aroma that gently nudges towards hazelnut but with acidity bouncing off the edges. The flavour also offers a mild array of flavours including luscious raisins, figs and has some of that nut characteristic present also during the melt - which is certainly decent in length. 

There's also a bitterness that those adverse to astringency would appreciate and is the highest scoring chocolate made with Matina cacao on the C-Spot website.

Additional Information

Weight 60g
Ingredients Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Demerara Sugar, Whole Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon
Origin Peru
Cocoa 70% minimum
Bean Matina
Dietary & Allergy Contains Dairy. May contain traces of nuts.

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