Fruition Camino Verde Crunch

Fruition Camino Verde Crunch

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This is one of those chocolates that should realign your expectations of what Arriba is all about. Traditionally I expect chocolate is heavy on earthiness and spice, but this wonderful creation from Bryan and Fruition is like the finest desert you'll ever come across. There is a strong strawberry theme running through this chocolate but allied with cream - almost a cheesecake, but with sprinkles of honeycomb on top. It certainly has that addictive quality that plays the devil against an angel on your shoulders. The one tells you to break another piece whilst the other shouts "make it last"! Both are right.

The price may be a sticking point for many. But for those that do listen to their more indulgent side will be rewarded with an absolutely splendid chocolate, that will last, if you want it to.

NB: The best before date

Additional Information

Weight 60g
Ingredients Cocoa Beans, evapoated cane juice, cocoa butter.
Origin Balao, Ecuador
Cocoa 75% minimum
Bean Arriba Nacional (EET)
Batch 04
Best Before End September 2015
Dietary & Allergy Contains Dairy. May contain traces of nuts.
C Spot Rating 8.59/10

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