Galler 100% Belgian Cacao Powder

Galler 100% Belgian Cacao Powder

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This is an alternative to the Domori Cacao in Polvere in that this Slitti 100% cocoa powder for those that would like to try a new option. The cocoa butter content is a standard 22% to 24%, just we suspect the origin of the cacao is different.

Galler is a very popular name in Belgium and whilst they used to have a store on Regent's Street in London, I walked past the location recently and couldn't find it. That said, this is a particularly good 'pure' cocoa powder from a nation that is more renowned for it's sweet, creamy chocolate than 100% offerings. It is, however, a great one to keep in your kitchen for an occasional blast of intense hot chocolate, or, indeed, to use in baking. 

NB: The product descriptions are in German, but we will provide a labelled translation.

Additional Information

Weight 200g
Produced in Belgium
Ingredients Cocoa powder (22%-24% cocoa butter)
Origin Unknown
Best Before 22/08/2016
Allergens May contain traces of other nuts, milk, eggs and gluten (wheat)

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