Geert Vercruysse Selection

Geert Vercruysse Selection

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We've been a huge fan of Geert Vercruysse for years. To our mind he makes the best filled chocolates in the world and we still stand by that belief with these wonderful ganaches. The packaging might not be the most inspiring you'll see - certainly when compared to the large chocolatiers with millions to spend on design. But what I doubt anyone will disagree with is that these chocolates are utterly stunning. 

They're made from a variety of origins including Daintree, Akesson's, Marou and El Ceibo and include silky smooth ganaches, intense marzipan and delicious pralines.

Stock is very limited.

Additional Information

Weight Net 182
Ingredients Varies - but will contain nuts and dairy
Origin Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Australia
Cocoa Varies
Best-before 24/02/2014