Gentian in Black

Gentian in Black

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The Gentian in Black is one of the most alcoholic chocolates that Zotter make as it contains 12% gentian spirit. If you didn't already know, Gentian spirit is a distilled alcoholic beverage produced in the Alpine region of Austria and perhaps Italy (and sometimes Germany) which uses the root of the legally controlled Gentian plant - which has beautiful dark blue or azure petals.

When you try this chocolate the booze will come through, but it also delivers a very good base floral tone and an utterly delightful creamy ganache. 

Additional Information

Ingredients Cocoa mass°, raw cane sugar°, gentian spirit°(12%), cocoa butter°, fructose-glucose syrup°, milk°, full cream milk powder°, salt, vanilla°   °from controlled organic cultivation.
Weight 70g
Cocoa 80% minimum
Fairtrade Content 77%
Best Before 02/03/2015

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