Grenada 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Grenada 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

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For those of you who absolutely love dark, extremely bitter dark chocolate then you have to try this bar from the iconic Grenada Chocolate Co. To say this bar won't be suitable for all chocolate-lovers is an understatement. It's extremely bitter. The upside is that its suitable for vegans, those wishing to buy organic dark chocolate and people who seek a gluten free diet. 

Chocolate lovers who also appreciate a great back-story will be pleased to hear that the Grenada Chocolate company is a co-operative of growers, led by Mott Green, on the island of Grenada in the southern Caribbean. They're one of the few relatively small-scale producers to have made big waves in this country and are well-known for producing fine chocolate with a discernible character. 

And for those of you who are rightly concerned about the environment you would appreciate that the packaging for their chocolate bars contain a degree of recycled paper and are printed using vegetable inks. Furthermore, the production facility has obtained its power from solar energy on the factory roof.

Additional Information

Nutritional Information May contain traces of nuts Weight: 85g Energy - Kcal: 570 Protein- 11.9g Carbohydrate Total: 7.5g Sugar: 0.3g Cholesterol: 0g Dietary Fibre: 16.7g
Weight 85g
Ingredients 100% cocoa solids

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