Grenada Chocolate Co. 60% Dark Chocolate Bars

Grenada Chocolate Co. 60% Dark Chocolate Bars

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This 85g 60% dark chocolate bar forms the standard range for the Grenada Chocolate Co, and for that reason is the bar that has proven to be the most popular over the years. It has a very crisp, and well-tempered texture that should pass with approval by any true chocolate-lover. It had a rich, semi-dark colour and a significant shine. It does seem, however, that this bar has vastly improved over time and despite being their sweetest bar it still has a wonderful variety of flavours which does include dried prunes and candy coughs. If you are interested, this bar is suitable for vegans and is made from organic-certified sources. 

Additional Information

Nutritional Information per 100g Kcal: 526 Protein: 5.3g Sugars: 39.5g Fat Total: 36.8g Saturates: 23.7%
Cocoa Solids 82% minimum
Ingredients Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier – Soya Lecithin
Weight 85g

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